Caze Garden Project team from left to right: Mrs. Potts (social worker and Garden Site Manager), Mrs. Zimmer (kindergarten teacher and supporter), Pam Costello (SWIMGA Project Manager),  Mr. Buente (PTA President), and Caze School Principal Turney


Pam Costello and her team at Caze Elementary School won a Shirley James “Greening the Community” Award at the 22nd annual Celebration of Leadership Award ceremonies.  Launched by Pam, The program provides valuable education to the children and allows them to eat food that they have grown themselves.


Plants of all types from Achillea to Verbena were delivered to the Vanderburgh 4-H Center in the rain on Thursday and Friday by SWIMGA volunteers, while other teams of master gardeners organized and prepped the plants.

Beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 6, a steady stream of customers came to buy — some walking out with many plants and others finding a few treasures.

It took a team of more than 100 volunteers to work the sale on Saturday, and during the preceding months many  more started plants from seed and from cuttings, transplanted plugs, and tended to nearly 15,000 plants in private greenhouses in and around Evansville.

Saturday’s event was successful due to the fantastic team effort of the master gardener volunteers, the generous sponsorship of Tucker Publishing Group, and hundreds of supportive customers.

All the money raised helps SWIMGA maintain the public Display Gardens as well as nearly 20 community gardens in Warrick, Vanderburgh and Posey counties. A big “Thank You” goes out to all who supported this event. Your help is most appreciated!

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