Mushroom Hunting

Larry Caplan says:

When he was in college, his mycology (fungi) professor had this saying:
“There are OLD mushroom hunters,
And there are BOLD mushroom hunters,
But there are no OLD, BOLD mushroom hunters!”

It was his little way of warning them to be absolutely, positively certain of our identification before putting anything in our mouths.  And, since we are fast approaching morel mushroom season, this publication from the University of Kentucky, entitled “Don’t Eat Those Wild Mushrooms…unless you know what you are doing!” is especially timely.

Mushroom hunting is a fun and rewarding hobby that can turn a hike through local woods into a puzzle-solving adventure. Many people are drawn to mushroom hunting and the potential to forage for food. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to mushroom foraging: poisoning. Each year, wild mushrooms lead to numerous illnesses and even a few deaths. While the threat of mushroom poisoning is real, most mushroom-caused illnesses can be prevented if collectors are well-informed and cautious. This fact sheet provides introductory information regarding mushroom safety.

This publication can be downloaded free-of-charge from here: