Our Vision


Shelby Hoffman/Tony Buccilli
Membership Goal Champions

As SWIMGA visions into the next five to 15 years, one of its goals is to increase and retain active and engaged membership.

A “Membership Goals” team has begun studying how to help SWIMGA reach its goals and is presently working toward two of its objectives: 1) Increasing community awareness as to what SWIMGA does, who we are and how to become a Master Gardener and 2) Increasing SWIMGA members’ participation and interest in our activities and education.

There are many ways that you can help SWIMGA reach its goals:

  • If you speak to a garden group or at a conference or workshop, distribute a copy of our “Dirty Hands, Sunny Hearts,” which explains what SWIMGA is and how to become a Master Gardener.
  • Promote SWIMGA to your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. Invite them to tour our gardens or invite them to a meeting.
  • Encourage and invite a fellow Master Gardener to work with you on a project or at one of our gardens. What better way to learn about SWIMGA’s projects than working with friends on one!

As we begin to delve into how to attain our membership goal, there are many ideas you have shared with us, which will be used as a foundation for our work:

  • Make our website easier to search and to find information about how to become a Master Gardener.
  • Supply literature at our gardens that explains who SWIMGA is and how to join and become a Master Gardener.
  • Provide a web-link/QR code at our gardens to explain more about our gardens and the plants that beautify it.
  • Encourage and welcome all diversity of membership, including people of all race, ages and economic levels.
  • Encourage and work with our interns to help them grow as Master Gardeners.
  • Encourage expansion of our monthly education programs to help all members to continue to grow and be challenged.
  • As you will learn, all of SWIMGA’s “Vision” goals are intertwined. That interconnection will help our entire organization grow.

We invite you to continue sharing your ideas with us on how to allow SWIMA to increase and retain its membership. And we invite you to join our team!

February 5, 2017


I would just like to say THANK YOU for attending SWIMGA’s first “Vision Day!”   It definitely was a successful and productive day!

I could feel an excitement and renewed energy among everyone as we participated in the exercises in listing what we do well; what our challenges are; and what we’d like our vision to be!   It’s exciting to see what lies ahead for SWIMGA!

It was apparent that the group had similar concerns and ideas about what we need to address in the coming years.   That will certainly make our focus and vision easier to achieve.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, concerns, visions and ideas so freely!  It was, also, exciting to see such a diverse group of Master Gardeners, in relation to your experience with SWIMGA.  There were Master Gardeners with many years to many days of dedication!

Thank you to those who have signed up for our March 4th day of putting all of our ideas into motion.  I’m sure it will be a great day with solid results.  Per Tanya and Heather, we have reached our max of the number of members in the group.

Special thanks to Cindy Farmer and Carol Fallen for all their work in providing such a wonderful assortment of food and drinks for our day, in addition to our bags of candy, note paper and pencils.

And, special thanks to Heather Strohm and Tanya Hall for traveling to be with us and for their great leadership in the day.

During Saturday’s clean-up, we found a seat pillow that someone left behind.  I have placed it into our SWIMGA refreshment cabinet for safe keeping.   If it’s yours, please see me at the February general meeting so I can give it to you.

When recording your volunteer hours, use code 603 – “Officers and Board” – Under SWIMGA Business.   You can record 3.5 hours, in addition to your travel time.

Please continue to share your ideas!  I look forward to working with you as we journey into SWIMGA’s future together!