Linda Bohlen, Silver MG

Linda Bohlen has been a Master Gardener since 2000. Originally from Iowa, she and her family moved to the Evansville area in 1995. They have lived in this home for 19 years. She retired in 2010 as a computer programmer with Old National. She also took the Master Naturalist training and loves quilting. Linda is a member of the Raintree Quilters Guild.

 The gardens are nestled in the woodlands by the lake and around her house. The Fern Garden contains Autumn fern and Sensitive fern, purchased from Munchkin’s, which is nicely naturalizing. Red and purple Monarda and Moonbeam Coreopsis are attractive to the many bees at this time of year.

 Sitting at her breakfast nook, she can view all the wildlife that comes to drink and make their homes around the woods and lake. Bluegills, Red Ear and Bass populate their lake and are for enjoyment only.   The deer do love to snack on her hostas, but she loves the wildlife.

Mountain Laurel, Oak Leaf Hydrangeas and Sweet Bay Magnolias keep the grounds shaded and cool. She purchased Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange. It is deep purple with pink at the throat, it had new buds forming so I didn’t get to see the lovely blooms.

Below is a picture of her Night Blooming Cereus. It blooms usually one night per summer. Another name for it is “Queen of the Night” and one is supposed to curtsey to it when it blooms. After waiting a year for one night of blooms, that seems reasonable to me! The pink Bromeliad is kept indoors.

In the road in front of her house is an island that she has adopted for beautification of her neighborhood. She voluntarily plants and tends to the Coneflowers, Lirope and Zinnias.