Featured Master Gardeners

As time permits, Master Gardeners will be interviewed and pictures and information posted on this page.  Interns to Gold Master Gardeners are invited to participate.  Click on the names for information.  (The most recent at the top, then in alphabetical order.)

Linda Bohlen, Silver MG

Belinda Rideout, Bronze MG

Betsy Brubeck, Gold MG

Charline Bridgeman, Bronze MG

Gale Wright, Advanced MG

Gloria Wildeman, Advanced MG

Greg Gordon, Gold MG

Jason White, MD, Advanced MG

Joan David, Bronze MG

Judy Heberer, Gold MG

Judy Schneider Kron, Gold MG

Karen Flittner, Silver MG

Kay Haller, Gold MG

Sharon Giles, Gold MG

Susie Hansan, Advanced MG

Tammy Breidenbach, Bronze MG